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Hazen Busing - Public Transportation

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Public Transportation

Open to the Public

Monday thru Friday

7:30 AM to 4:30 PM CT



Our office has moved to the transit building at: 110 11th Ave NW (North of the city shop) 

We are ready and able to make sure you get to: Work - Medical Appointments - School - Daycare - Shopping - Special Events

Fares:  In town: $1 each way - $2 round trip

           Outside City Limits (ie. Beulah, Stanton, Pick City): $5 or $10 round trip (round trip fare applies if stay will be more than 20 minutes)

           Bismarck:  $12 round trip - Bismarck trips are scheduled for every Wednesday (weather permitting and minimum rider requirement)

           Dickinson: $12 round trip - Dickinson trips are scheduled the 2nd Thursday of the month (weather permitting and minimum rider requirement)

Buses are also scheduled for trips to the Medora Musical, Casino Trips, other Local and State Events

Contact us:  Transit Office - 748-2590  Transit Office - Fax 748-5659

                     Bus Driver - 880-3167 

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