Privacy Policy

Statement of Purpose 
The City of Hazen (the “city”) is committed to fair information practices and to your ability to protect your privacy when visiting the city’s website and server. The city respects the privacy and security of its citizens and visitors to its website and server. The city’s goal is to provide you with easily accessible, helpful information about the city via the internet. The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform you about the city’s information collection and privacy practices. By accessing this city’s website and server, your visit is subject to this privacy policy. 

Information Collected By The City of Hazen & How It Is Used 
The city collects certain information from visitors to its website and server in order to monitor visitor traffic to the city’s website and server and to evaluate and make improvements to the city’s website and server. Information of this kind may be collected in a variety of ways. Examples of information that the city may collect from visitors to its website and server include: 
Your internet protocol address and domain name

The type of browser you use 

The type of operating system you use 

The name of your internet service provider 

The date and time of your visit 

The web page(s) or service(s) you viewed during your visit

The city does not track or collect specific email addresses of visitors to its website and server, nor does it track and collect any other personal information belonging to visitors to its website and server except as provided in this privacy policy. For purposes of this privacy policy, “personal information” is that information that identifies you individually such as name, email address, street address, telephone number and fax number. 

However, the city’s website and server allow visitors to access and complete certain applications and forms online. The city’s website and server also allows visitors to communicate with the city officials and staff via email. If you choose to complete one of these online applications or forms or to submit an email to city officials or staff, you do so voluntarily, and personal information, including that which is submitted by you on any form or application, will be collected by the city. The city does not collect personal information unless you voluntarily choose to submit it as outlined in this privacy policy.
Online Forms & Applications
Please be advised that if you choose to complete any of the city’s online forms or applications or to communicate with any city officials or staff via email, the city cannot process incomplete applications or forms submitted or respond to incomplete emails. The city reserves the right to share personal information submitted by its visitors among city departments for business and administrative purposes. The city does not share personal information with third parties unless compelled or otherwise required to do so by law. 

Your decision not to submit all personal information requested on an online form or application may affect your ability to submit online forms and applications but will not otherwise affect or limit your ability to access information available on the city’s website and server or to submit applications and forms in person. If you are uncomfortable submitting forms and applications to the city online or communicating with city officials and staff via email, you are welcome to visit us in person to obtain, complete, and submit city forms and applications or to communicate with city officials or staff at the:
Hazen City Hall
146 Main St East
Hazen ND 58545